Router Login

Forgot your router’s web-interface IP address? You find what you need! On this page you can see a list of router’s manufacturers and the most popular IP addresses which they are usually use in their products.

Moreover, you can find usernames and passwords which mostly used by manufacturers. It’s necessary thing if you sticker on backside or bottom cover of your router were erased by the time.

To find needed address and entering information, you need to find your manufacturer and click on it. Here is a list of addresses. Try to enter every address until you find right.

Default Router Passwords

This database has regularly updates, because IT technologies not standing still and always grows with geometric progression speed, so there are new manufacturers, new IP addresses, new usernames and passwords.

If router login or passwords don’t work with your router, there are only two variants: you can’t choose right model on site or settings were changed by someone. We can’t help you with first, but solution of second you can find on our site. You need to search for article about resetting.  Reset would back default router password and router login.

The Most Common IP Addresses

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