Glossary of terms

What is a router, switch, WiFi router?

Router is device that has two or more ports with IP address assigned to it. Router is used to filter traffic, translation of IP address when sending IP packets (all what you get to your personal computer and all what you send from it) and other purposes.

Router can be used at home in order to save money. This device provides you to distribute Internet channel on streams, which provides you to connect several devices, but pay only for one.

Network switch is device, which is used to connect multiple nodes of computer network within one or more segments of the network with the allocation of additional IP addresses.

Wireless router is used to create separate network segment and supports connection of all devices with built-in wireless network card. Network switch is integrated in wireless router for connecting other routers in the establishment of a network of several wireless routers. Moreover, wireless routers have built-in firewall which prevents getting access by intruders.

What is PON or GPON?

Gigabit Passive Optical Network, which is also called GPON, is a personal customer fiber optic channel. It provides you to use:

  • High speed home Internet.
  • Digital telephone communication
  • Digital television

Capacity of the channel is extremely large and with time the time assortment of services can be supplemented. GPON is the most modern and the most reliable technology at this time.

In view of exclusion of a large number of active equipment along route from the operator’s communication node to subscriber’s apartment, all malfunctions that may be associated with this equipment are excluded.

What is IP address?

IP address is identification number of your personal computer on your local network. If you call technical support, you will always be asked to tell your IP address. You can find out your IP address on the last page of your contract with ISP.

What is ONT?

Optical Network Terminal, which in the most cases called ONT, is a personal optical communication terminal, which has several varieties. Choice of it is depends on purposes. For example, there are ONT with Internet port, telephone port, WiFi antennas, USB port, RF TV port, ISDN, etc.

What is traffic?

Traffic is the amount of information, which comes to your computer from network and sent from it to the network.

Megabyte is unit of traffic measurement. There are two types of traffic: incoming and outgoing.

Incoming traffic is information that comes to your personal computer from the network.

Outgoing traffic is information that comes from your personal computer to the network.

Moreover, traffic can be external and internal.

External traffic is information that you transmit or receive from the Internet. This traffic is chargeable.

Internal traffic is information that you receive or transmit on the Local network. You mustn’t pay for this traffic.

What is a megabyte?

Megabyte is a unit of information quantity measurement.

Any information, which you download from the Internet, consumes a certain amount of megabytes of your traffic.


What is MAC address?

This is identification number of your network card. When you enter in the Internet, IPS server checks your MAC address. If it matches, Internet access is allowed.

What is a network adapter?

This is a device installed in your system unit and used to connect Local network cable with Internet access to your personal computer.

What is a gateway?

Gateway is a computer in IPS network through which you get into the Internet. Request from your computer is sent through IPS network to server. It checks your data (identification information, IP, Mac, etc.). Then you get access to the Internet.

What is DNS server?

DNS server is special server that contains information about IP addresses. Domain Name System, which is usually called DNS, used in the Internet, establishes a correspondence between host and domain names on the one hand and IP addresses on the other. DNS uses a hierarchical name database that is shared across computers.

What is “ping” command?

Ping command is used to check connection between your personal computer and specified host.