Google presented wireless router

Google company presented new simple compact wireless router, which was called Google WiFi. Its main feature is capability to combine some Google WiFi in a single wireless network.

Simply put, every owner can install some Google WiFi routers throughout the house, and they will be combined in single wireless network. These new routers will be developed and sold by manufacturer directly unlike past branded OnHub routers from TP-Link and ASUS. Another one feature is controlling using mobile application. Parents control function can be controlled by smartphone too.

You can buy this device in official Google store or from retailers in your country. If you want to order only one router, you will pay about $129, but bundle of three routers is priced in $299. All prices are taken from official Google store.

What it can?

  • Network controlling. Google WiFi will automatically switch devices into the most powerful and fastest signal source. It can detect network congestion, then reroute connection to unload network nodes, and supports 600 Mbit /sec connection speed. So If you want to broadcast in 4K, you can do it without problems.
  • WiFi pause. Google knows that parents prefer to limit children’s access to the Internet, so there is special “pause” function. Every user can disable Internet connection for certain device for a specified period. In future updates there will be function that provides owners of router to limit Internet access time. This is a good method to control your own time of sitting in the Internet.
  • Priority of the devices. If you like to watch films in good quality, surely you don’t want to stop downloading, when your second laptop decides to divide all stored torrents. Specially for this case, Google added “priority of the devices” configuration. User can set up what device should receive high-speed connection access firstly.
  • Device grouping. All connected devices can be grouped with usage of “tags”. That provides to disable Internet access of all children’s smartphones and laptops at the same time.
  • Speed test. You can forget all this website with speed tests. Google WiFi includes own speed test in special application. Moreover, this test will show you for what purposes you can use your Internet with certain connection speed.
  • Guest networks. You can make additional “guest” networks on the main network base and specify special permissions. For example, you can set that “guest” network will provide access only to the Internet and TV tuner.

How to install?

The most great thing in Google wireless router is process of installing and configuration. You don’t deal with some troubles and deep dive into the router settings. To set up network, you just need to connect one of the routers to the Internet using Ethernet cable and then download special mobile application on smartphone. After that, you should scan QR-code on bottom of router.

Google WiFi syncs this router to your login and gives you access to network settings. If you bought bundle of devices, application will tell you how to install other router for better coverage. After these not difficult actions, you network is set up.