How to check your Wi-Fi users?

If you suspect someone uses your wireless network connection without your permission, this instruction will show you how to check connected users. We will use the most popular router models like D-Link, ASUS and TP-Link.

With this guide you can find unauthorized persons, but you can’t find who from your neighbors use your wireless network, because instruction will show you how to find IP address, MAC address and device name. This information isn’t enough to identify person in real world.

How to check who use my wireless network?

To check all connected devices, you need enter in router’s configuration page. It can be done from all devices, which support wireless internet connection and connected to your Wi-Fi. You should type home router’s IP address in web browser’s address bar (for example Then here will appear window, where in which you should enter credentials.

Usually, popular routers use default addresses and default credentials. Things like device IP address and credentials can be found on special sticker, which usually locates on backside or bottom of wireless router. If someone already has changed credentials of configuration page, so you should reset your router to factory defaults. Instruction, how it can be done, can be found in router’s manual book or here.

Who’s connected to your D-Link wireless network

After you enter in D-Link router’s web interface, you should find “Advanced Settings” tab. Then you should get on Status page. You should find “Clients” tab on this page. Click on it.

Here you should see list of connected to your wireless network devices. Count number of connected devices and compare it to number of your own devices. If numbers mismatches, recommend you to change wireless network password or set it (if you haven’t done its already). You can do it using guide from manual book or instructions from the Internet.

Who’s connected to your Asus wireless network

Firstly, you should enter in “Network Map” and then enter in “Clients”.

Here will be connected device list, where you can see information like IP addresses, network names for some of them. Network name provides you to identify device in real world.

Note: in list you will see not only connected at this moment devices, but all devices which were connected to this wireless network. Clicking on “Refresh” button will provide you to display only users connected to current wireless network at this moment.

Who’s connected to your TP-Link wireless network

To check all devices connected to TP-Link wireless network at this moment, it’s necessary to get in router’s configuration panel. Then you should enter in “Wireless” and here will be tab “Station Info”. Now you could see list with all connected devices.

What if I found unknown devices connected to my network?

If you find someone is connected to your network without your permission, the best way to solve this problem — changing password. It should be strong, otherwise it can be hacked. It can be easily done in your home router’s configuration page with help of device’s manual book.