How To Find Router IP

There are can be a lot of situations when we can lose our router web-interface IP address: bad quality of bottom or backside router sticker, loosing of manual.

Web-interface is necessary thing for every router’s owner, because here you can configure main settings of you wireless networking (password, username, maximal number of users, blocked devices and etc).

You can try all addresses of your router manufacturer from router login page, but if you haven’t got Internet connection on other devices and can’t get on it, there is one more method how to find router IP.

You can get a lot methods of solvation this problems from the Internet, but in this article we would consider the easiest methods which are more understandable for beginners.

Firstly, you can try to download special application, which can be finded by using Google or other search engines. This software will help you to find out not only your internal router’s IP address, but other routers in your wireless network too.

Second method can be used by people, who have basic knowledge of personal computer user, because you will use Windows command prompt. This article would learn you how to find router IP step-by-step.

Let’s start! To find router’s IP address, you need to:

Action #1: Press Start button which locates in lower left corner.


Action #2: Find text box in the bottom and enter «cmd».

Action #3: Press on cmd.exe file.


Action #4: Enter «ipconfig» in bar of appeared black window with white text and press Enter button.


Action #5: Here is a list of results, where you can find a lot of white text. You should find Default Gateway. Number combination in this line is your router’s IP address.


Well done! Now you can enter in your router’s web-interface and change settings what you want.

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