How To Reset Your Router

Meaning of «Reset router» and how to do it.

Reset and reboot are two different things. Router rebooting mean that you turn it off and turn it on. Resetting mean that you back your router configurations to factory settings.

You can reset router in cases when you forgot password from your wireless network. You just need to back your router configuration to factory settings and enter in router web-interface by using default entering information.

Router reboot method

Router rebooting mean that you cycle routers power. You need to follow steps below to reboot your router:

  • You should disconnect power connector and then connect it back.
  • Router will be rebooted for 30 seconds.
  • In rebooting process the Internet connection will be unavailable. Better to notify someone, who use device which connected to wireless network.

How to Reset Your Router:

After resetting configure below will be changed:

  • Web-interface username and password
  • Wireless network password
  • Internet Service Provider login and pass key
  • Portforwards which were set up by you
  • Firewall configurations which were set up before resetting
  • All routers configurations which were before resetting.

If you are ready to agree with these changes, you can start resetting. To do it you need:

  • Find special reset button which usually locates on backside or bottom of your router.
  • Then take some sharp item like pen or pencil pen, press this button by using it and hold it for 10 seconds.
  • You need to watching for router lights. After their changing operation will be completed. But there are can be other lights reaction. It depends on router model.
  • After these steps, your router would back to the factory settings.

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