Meaning of Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Wi-Fi Protected Setup has a lot of names in the Internet community, but we will call it like this. It was showed in the ending of first decade of 21th century and developed to make router configuration easier for ordinary consumers. You don’t need to find SSID from the network and type password. Just use your WPS for network connection. This method is so easy and unusual, but don’t think that it damages to your network security.

Here you can read about four the most popular methods of using WPS:

1) Here is method which provides you to use WPS by pushing button. You need to use real button on backside of your wireless home router. Below you can check what it looks like:

If you want to connect your device to wireless home router, you should press buttons devices at the same time. That makes network setup is looks like children’s toy.

2) All routers with available WPS function should have this method. You can use it with other methods or standalone. If you turn your router, you can find PIN which combined by eight numbers. You need enter it on device which you want give access to your network.

3) Here is method which means that you just need to tap on devices that should be connected to your wireless network.

4) USB method named in honor of USB flash drive which we should use in this method.

History of Wi-Fi Protected Setup

The biggest problem of WPS products was founded in 2011 year. This bug was in every WPS device. Router don’t read eight digit PIN number as full combination. He divided it on two 4 digit parts. It makes WPS security so unsecure, because 4 digit PIN has eleven thousand different number combination, while 8 digit combination has one hundred million different combinations. Hackers can use soft which called brute force to retrieve combination from your network access. Brute force is soft which checks every potential combination.

Some manufacturers have done special lock out period protection to fight with security hacking. That mean that you have limited number of attempts to get access from your wireless network. After limit ends, you can use PIN for specified period of time. You can use method of pressing button. It’s the most secure method in our days. Some companies recommend you to disable PIN method.

How to turn Wi-Fi Protected Setup off?

WPS is turned on as default. It means that if you just bought wireless home router, WPS already turned on. That gives hackers chance to hack your network. Better to turn WPS off manually. Some cases involve turning off by updating firmware which contains shutting WPS, or you can install lock out period.

WPS is so thing that provides you more easier setup, but makes your network more easier to be hacked. Our team recommend you to disable WPS. If you can’t do it, try to download firmware which provides you more security from brute force hacking method.