Methods of updating router’s firmware

Nowadays information technologies develops quickly, so you should update your firmware to keep up with advanced users. Here we will discuss why do you need to do it and methods of doing it.

What’s better: firmware or software?

The most thinks that Software is additional software which you launch upon microprogram. Firmware is thing that your router based on. It provides router’s working. You can only update it for new version. You can’t delete it or download firmware from other companies. However you can do it with software which you install in additional to your firmware.

Is it dangerous to install update for your microprogram?

We don’t recommend you to install the latest update for your microprogram until you don’t think it’s needful. Microprogram updating can be threat to your device, if you don’t follow updating rules. If router’s updating stops at installation, your router would crash and become broken. You can reduce risk chance if you connect router to your personal computer, when updating process is enabled.

What reasons can coerce you download new microprogram update?

A lot of people don’t know that your router can be updated without buying new router. You router will be ancient so fast taking into consideration that Information technology develop fasts, so you need to update firmware regularly. Let’s find out what advantages firmware gives to you:

  • Bug Fixing
    Manufacturers can’t do all routers without some mistakes which can be reason of incorrect working. Manufacturers develop new firmware as solution of problem if you become one of people who bought router which provides you slow internet. You don’t need buy one more router or return the money. Just download firmware update.
  • New options for advantage users
    Some firmware updates include features that can make your wireless router using more comfortable and profoundly. If you want to know about the latest available features, you should check your router’s manufacturer website periodically.
  • Security options will be updated
    If you bought your router not so long ago, you can use outdated security options version. The latest version of security options update provides you to hide your data from hackers. We recommends you to renew security regularly if you want to feel that your information in safety. WEP and WPA security is previous ages technology. You can find comparison of WEP and WPA on our website. Better to know what security type you use by clicking on «List of Routers» where you can find routers from different manufacturers and information about them. If your router microprogram don’t use WPA2 security, you need to download new version of it.

What you should do to refresh Firmware?

Text below would narrate you how to make your firmware fresh again. In this guide we use one of the most popular router — Lynksys. If you have different manufacturer, web interfaces will be different too, but guide will discuss about updating firmware in general.


You should use computer which is connected to your router by cable. Computer which isn’t connected won’t provide you reliable connection. Updating process requires reliable Internet connection. Updating process shouldn’t be stopped, otherwise process stopping can make your personal computer broken.

Login in your web-interface

Firstly, you need to understand what microprogram ver you use. Mostly, you can find it on router’s web-interface main page in «Firmware Version» bar. It can be called differently. Just login in your router. Router username and password you can find in Default Router Passwords page on our website.

Finding your firmware version

IF you follow all steps, you should be on main page of router’s web-interface. Here you can find some router’s information which we should know for updating. Version of non-updated firmware on bottom of your router. Lynksys firmware ver should be in up-right part of page. Here we founded Lynksys router firmware version number of model.

Visiting Manufacturer official website

After you founded some information, you should visit router’s company page. Lynksys router requires to visit Lynksys support page. You must shure that you download this update from official manufacturer web page, otherwise hackers would get private information. Write information about your router in searching bar. Official site should be on the top. Find your own router update on official site. Download this update choosing ver that you will get. After you uploaded it, you should to save it in place, where you don’t forget about it.

Finding «Firmware Update» in your router web-page

Log in your router’s web-page again if your are logged out. Here you should see «Firmware Update». On Lynksys devices you need to click on «Administration» and here you can see something like Firmware Update. On different routers you can try to search it in «Options» or «Maintenace».

Updating Firmware

Now, you are on webpage where you can refresh microprogram for new version. Use special button to show directory with downloaded update.

When you chose correct file, open it.

The file which you chose should be in Upgrade Box, so you need to press «Start Upgrade».

Troubles which you can deal with

After updating, you router should be rebooted automatically. If it’s not rebooted, better to check router web-page. Microprogram ver should be changed.

Don’t remove cable when firmware updating. That action can make your router broken.