TP-LINK Archer C7

Today, we have to review TP-LINK Archer C7 router. This model isn’t cheap, but it’s not the most powerful. Archer C7 price is about 100 dollars. Buying this router, you should know what you get for this price: very powerful and modern device, which will be relevant in the next two years.

Let’s talk about what is really important. TP-LINK Archer C7 is dual band, Gigabit router. This device can broadcast wireless network on frequency from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. Of course, it supports the latest 802.11ac standard. Maximal connection speed on a wireless connection is 450 Mbps on 2.4 GHz frequency and 1300 Mbps on 5 GHz frequency. So we found out all about wireless network.

WAN port and 4 LAN port can work at 1000 Mbps connection speed. There are two USB 2.0 ports. That’s so cool feature. You can organize shared access to network printer and USB storage device at the same time. Moreover, there is support of 3G and 4G modems, but we can’t find out what version of router or firmware should be to provide you this feature. Most likely, support is provided with the second version of hardware. Maybe, it depends on country in what you bought your router. We think that after firmware update support of 3G and 4G will be available.

TP-LINK Archer C7 will work correctly even if there are high loads on the Internet. If you are one of these people, who like to do a lot of actions from different devices, which load your Internet, you can be sure that this wireless home router will continue to provide you fast Internet connection on all devices. For example, you can easily watch video in full-HD on laptop and play online games on PC — there won’t be some disconnections.

The last main feature is router’s antennas and its network coverage. TP-LINK Archer C7 has three detachable antennas, which are responsible for wireless signal transmission at 5GHz. Moreover, there are three built-in antennas, that transmit a signal at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. This wireless router has coverage, which is enough to share wireless Internet connection to all devices in apartments or house. If it’s not enough, you can set up repeater or make your wireless signal stronger by other methods.

TP-LINK Archer C7 review

We appreciate router’s design of TP-LINK Archer C7, but easily soiled glossy black plastic of the upper part of the body isn’t good idea to design the modern IT device. Yes, it looks beautiful, but moreover it pretty good collects fingerprints, but some owners won’t touch this router a lot, so maybe it’s not miscalculation. Front panel of the device is embellished by green light indicators.

All router’s ports and buttons are located on the backside. There are a lot of different things excluding attaching the three antennas:

  • A connector for the power adapter.
  • The On/Off button for power management.
  • A separate switch to enable and disable the Wi-Fi network.
  • Two USB ports with indicators.
  • 1 WAN port and 4 LAN port.
  • WPS/Reset button.

Here is how it looks:

This device is so elaborate, but price isn’t available for all customers. Moreover, the size of router isn’t too small and it doesn’t have rubberized feet. If you don’t have a lot of free space, you can hang Archer C7 on the wall.

Summarizing the results, TP-LINK Archer C7 looks cool, works stable, is powerful and modern. The price of the router is compensated by the quality. Be sure that you won’t be disappointed after buying this great device.