Not everyone knows, that TP-Link router’s administrator panel is available to enter using address. Just type this address in your browser’s address bar. After this action, you should see login window.

Login window has special fields, in which you should enter your login and password. The Best variant is if you enter in your admin panel for the first time and you are owner of this device. Identification information can be changed only after someone entered in web-interface, so if you enter for the first time, you can use default login and password. Default login and password are usually (about 90 percent of devices) admin and admin for the both fields. There can be situation, when you can’t enter in admin panel using default enter information, because they were changed earlier. In this case, you should find new login and password or reset your home wireless router to factory defaults.

What if isn’t available

Some new owners of home router can face with problem of “This site can be reached” after buying device, when tried to enter in router’s administration panel. Don’t worry about that! Specially for you and people like you this article was made. Just follow steps below and your problem will be solved.

First Step: Open your internet browser. Better if you will use some usual browser, like Chrome, Mozilla, etc. For example, I preferred to use Google Chrome browser.

Second Step: Enter in browser’s address bar again. Maybe, you would face with problem again. In this case, just type other TP-Link IP addresses – or One of them will be right and here and appear special login window. Otherwise, the problem is something else.

What you should do if method above doesn’t help?

You must be sure in these things:

  • Wireless connection connected rightly.
  • Check that all lights are on.
  • You haven’t got problems with network adapter.
  • Check, that you entered in address bar correctly.

If all of these things are OK, here is only one method, which maybe can help you — reset your wireless device. Resetting provides owner to delete all old settings and set default factory configuration. To reset your device, you should find, press and hold reset button on backside of device’s body.

If this method doesn’t help you, that means you need someone else help. For example, you can contact your network administrator.