SD Card as WiFi Cloud Storage Space on JioFi routers

Do you know, that your SD memory card can be used as WiFi Cloud Storage? Don’t know how it can be done? Below you can see step-by-step guide how to do it.

How to use SD memory card on JioFi router?

Before we start learning how to use memory card on JioFi routers, let’s find out three ways of using this card:

  1. You can use it as Local Storage, so you will have access via your personal computer with help of USB cable.
  2. Moreover, it can be used as Internet Storage. That means, not only you can get access to content of storage. It’s necessary to have login and password from cloud service.
  3. Last way of using memory card in JioFi routers is WiFi Storage. This type of storage provides you to share any files between current wireless network users.

Way of using SD memory Card as Wi-Fi Storage

Now, let’s find out how to use your card as WiFi storage. Steps below learn you how to do it.

First Step: Firstly, it’s necessary that your SD card has been inserted in your JioFi router. You must be sure you done all right.

Second Step: Now, you should connect your device to WiFi network you plan to use. Then open your Internet browser, where you should enter address of router’s web-interface. In this case, you should type jiofi.local.html.

Third Step: If nobody changed password and login of web-interface, they should be “administrator” (in both fields).

Fourth Step: Here you should find Settings tab. Enter in this tab.

Fifth Step: Here you can see “Storage” section. In this section you will face with 4 options. Let’s find out what every of them means:

  1. Storage account option provides you to make JioFi storage device. If you disable this option, your router will work as default wireless network access point.
  2. Username option isn’t name of your wireless network. This option is used to call your storage. You can change it or doesn’t make changes.
  3. Password option helps you to protect storage from unwanted visitors. When someone tries to get access to your WiFi storage, he would be asked to enter password in special field.
  4. As was told above, there are three ways of using your SD memory card on JioFi routers. If you want to share files between wireless network users, Storage Mode provides you to do it. Just enable this option and your router becomes cloud space.

When actions have been done, save all made changes. Don’t forget to remember URL address of your storage cloud space. It’s necessary to have access to files.

Moreover, don’t forget to remember login and password of your new storage.