What Is An IP Address

How IP address influence on your life?

Speaking in plain language, IP address is the number combinaton which is used to route some data to the Internet. Every Internet connected device has them own IP address. It is important for every device in your house to be owner of unique number which provide information to be delivered to the correct location. IP address in the Internet is something like deliver address, if we are talking about post working process.

There are other protocols that are used in the Internet to router data. For example, one of the most popular is TCP. Using TCP guarantee that information will be delivered without lost packets. UDP is one more protocol. UDP route data faster than TCP, but there can be some loses. The most popular using of UDP are VoIP and streaming. For example, meeting conference in skype.

DHCP is what router uses to give unique IP address for your home of office devices. All of your devices which working in the same Local Area Network (LAN) use different addresses.

My own IP address?

After talking what is an IP address, let’s discuss about your IP address. Every time when your device connected to the Internet, you use unique public address as identification method. This address was given you by you Internet Service Provider. If you have your own game server and want invite some people, it’s necessary to share your IP address with them.

Your external IP address:

Your IP:
Country: Monaco
City: Monaco
ISP: ADM Service Ltd.

Internal address is unique number combination which is given to device by router. It is used in Local Area Network. Every address is looks like: 192.168.x.x; 10.0.x.x.

You can get access to every device in your LAN by typing its internal IP address in your browser bar. For example, you can access to your router by entering in its web-browser interface. For this you need to use the method above. Here you can do some changes to configure settings.

If you don’t know how to find out your internal IP address, you can read our what is my ip address guide.

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