What Is My IP Address

Your external IP address:

Your IP:
Country: United States
State: Connecticut
City: Fairfield
ISP: General Electric Company

Further, the article would explain you how to check your internal IP address step-by-step. It’s written for not advanced users.

How to find out my Internal IP address?

What do you imagine when you hear something about internal IP address.  This is uniquely number combination which is given to every device in your Local Area Network by router. Unique Internal IP address guarantee that sent data will be delivered to right device.
There are a lot of different methods to find out what Internal IP address is used in your personal computer, so this article would sort out in method that use Windows command prompt. If you are searching for some different methods to solve your «What is my IP address» question, you can check other article on our site. Okay, let’s continue to finding out solution. Just follow all steps below:

  1. Firstly, you need to open Start menu by clicking on Start icon. If you do all right, here should be something like on screenshot below.
  2. Then you need to enter cmd in dialogue bar.
  3. You need to spot cmd.exe in the top of menu list which should appear.
  4. Here will be black window. It’s necessary to enter «ipconfig» here and press enter button.
  5. Now there should be a list of IP addresses like on screenshot below.
  6. You need to find IPv4 line. Here is your Internal IP address. Screenshot example shows you my own Internal IP address. For example, my ip address is, but someone can have

Here you find line with your router IP address too. Router is Default Gateway for your Windows. Mostly routers use and internal IP addresses. Personal computer address has three same parts, but last part is different.

Well done! You found your Internal Ip address.

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