What is SSID and how it can be used in Wi-Fi networks?

In comparison with usual wired networks, where you just need to put cable in network adapter and type IP addresses, in wireless network structure even a simple home network segment is more complicated. One of the most popular questions is «What is SSID and how it can be used to?» Let’s answer on this question. SSID is short name of Service Set Identifier. If simply put it, that means «Wireless network name». Why do we need it? Every device that would connect, could see all available networks in the frequency range, because radio channels can’t be isolated from each other. So, to find right wireless network among all networks in list, we can use SSID of our network.

Nowadays, there are some requirements when you give name to your network:

  • SSID must be consisted of Latin alphabet’s letters and number. There are mustn’t be some spaces and special symbols, but you are available to use underscores and hyphens. Using of Cyrillic alphabet is unacceptable.
  • There are mustn’t be same SSIDs in one frequency range. Even if they have the same type of encryption, switching once access point to another will provide failed authentication. By the way, most of modern routers can work with several wireless networks. It’s so convenient when you want to make wireless network specially for friends, neighbors and share Internet with them without giving access to your home wireless network. It is provided by MBSSID technology (Multi Broadcast Service Set Identifier).

It turns on using administration panel of your router. Depending on model, wireless router can have more than two additional wireless networks on the same physical radio module.

How to change Wi-Fi network’s SSID?

It’s not difficult to change network’s name, so let’s consider how to do it. Firstly, you should enter in your router’s web-interface. The most of the routers use IP as default address and «admin» as password and login. There are some exceptions. You can rad about entering in router’s web-interface on our website. After entering here should be «Basic settings» where you can find SSID or Network name bar.

Just delete old name and type new. Don’t forget to save changes or new SSID would be work only for first reboot of your router and then would be changed on old again.

How to hide SSID and make my network invisible?

There are a lot of situations when for increasing security level of your network it’s recommended for users to hide SSID of access point from other devices. It can be done by putting correct tick in router’s settings.

It works as follows. Each wireless access point broadcast own wireless network name in working frequency range. Any owner of different device, which are searching for access point, can see it, so it means that he can try to hack your wireless network. If you hide your SSID by putting correct ticket in router settings, your wireless network will become invisible in frequency range.

After that, only users, who know name of network, can connect to it.