What Is Wi-Fi channels

Usually, when someone talks about channels, people imagine TV channels, but wireless routers use channels too. Every channel has its own number which is depended on frequency. United States region use channels from 1 to 11. European people are able to use channels from 1 to 14. Let’s talk about Wi-Fi channels usability.

How to choose Wi-Fi channel.

There are a lot of situations when you people should use certain channel for certain situation. Only people, who live without neighbors, have freedom of choice. If you live in huge cities, where everyone has his own wireless network, you need to configure your router using channel. When two routers use the same channel, both of router’s owners have bad Internet connection. Let’s discuss how to overcome that situation.
All 14 channels (in Europe) divided on 5MHz frequency parts. Size of wireless network signal is about 20 MHz of bandwidth, so it stays between two other channels. Picking Wi-Fi channel means picking center of 5 different channels. For example, if you use channel number 6, you use channels four, five, six, seven, eight at the same time.

In the United States there are only three channels that don’t cross with other channels — one, six, eleven. Let’s discuss situation when your neighbor use channel 4 which contains channels two, three, four, five, six. That mean they get some glitches from channel 6 which is used by you. That interference your connection to, so you need to change 6 channel on channel 11. Now, you are free from glitches and your neighbor’s connection free too.
Nowadays, a lot of people use one, six and eleven channels, so the most logical solution is picking channels like four or three. No! When wireless routers share bandwidth, they can’t work together correctly, so your Internet connection will work more slowly and sent information could be crashed. In this case, better to use channel which already used by your neighbor. Modern routers have special software inside which provides you to use same channel with your neighbor and don’t create inconveniences.
When number of neighbors which use different channels is more than one, that mean you can choose channels which the furthest from them or which is used not usual as yours. For example, it’s can be six, one or eleven. Moreover, it’s necessary to check what Wi-Fi network has the strongest signal and stay away from it.

Manual and Automatic method of configuration. What’s better?

Some modern router can configure their channel choosing automatically. Automatically configuration is more easier than manual, so beginners can use it, but advanced users can use manual method which take some time. Manual method provides you to configure more advanced settings. You can use automatically configuration until you have no troubles with internet connection.

We recommend

When you try to configure your router, better to select one of three channels that don’t cross or one, six, eleven. You may have wish to don’t use channel six, because of it intensive using as a default channel. In the Internet you can find some software that can help you to find the most appropriate channel to you or just do some tries to find out it manually.